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We invite you to buy gift vouchers for your relatives, partners, colleagues and employees for the restaurant on the Meridianas sailing ship, the symbol of the city of Klaipeda.

A visit to one of the most unique places in the port city will be a great gift for those important to you on various occasions. We will issue vouchers for the amount of your choice.

Tel. +370 601 31866, e-mail


We offer a banquet menu for groups.

Please contact us by phone +370 601 31866 or e-mail


Meridianas mess room offers a separate banquet room for private events, celebrations, meetings or receptions. Here we can seat up to 14 guests at the big table. The room has TV, video and audio equipment, so you can organize conferences, seminars, trainings and other similar events (the number of participants may be higher). When ordering meals, there is no extra charge for the room rent, only advance bookings should be arranged.

The interior of the mess room is features a unique masterpiece of maritime heritage. It displays a model of Meridianas, the old maps of the Baltic Sea, the Kingdom of Prussia, Klaipėda and four of the former twelve bronze bas-reliefs of the world's most famous explorers, which decorated the interior of the Meridianas, designed by the renowned Klaipėda architect Petras Lapė back in 1984.

Tel. +370 601 31866, e-mail


The Meridianas' large restaurant hall used for everyday guest service, can be transformed to accommodate private banquets (up to 80 guests) or standing receptions on request. The hall is equipped with multimedia, sound, lighting and other facilities, making it possible to organise live performances with dancing, conferences, seminars, trainings and other similar events. The restaurant hall is famous for its unique interior design features, such as the "windows to the past", showing the original Meridianas structures from the Finnish shipbuilders, and the (un)real portholes. The hall is equipped with a special table for seafarers who have sailed around Cape Horn, one of the most dangerous capes in the world's oceans. Of course, anyone can sit at it, but be aware that at any moment you may be asked to give up your seat to a visitor who had conquered the Horn... In the corner of the hall, there is a low door leading to the Boatswain’s secret storeroom. They say, sometimes, on seldom occasions, restaurant guests are lucky enough to get in there and deplete the Boatswain’s stock.

Tel. +370 601 31866, e-mail


Cannot decide what to taste? Choose everything at once.

We will be pleased to prepare a tasting dinner or lunch for you, with a selection of starters, hot courses and desserts from our menu. This will give you a closer insight into Meridianas' cuisine and its many flavours, making your stay at Meridianas even more exciting and intriguing.

Tel. +370 601 31866,